After 3 Years Of Marriage, Nigerian Man Discovers That His Wife Has HIV, Makes Video Of Where She Keeps Her Drugs (Watch Video)

A man has broken silence that he discovered that his wife of is a patient of HIV and has been secretly taking medications. He went to the back a couch in the living room and opened a wrapping to show where she kept her antiretroviral medicines.

On how he discoverd, he explained that God revealed it to him through prayers. While glorifying the name of God for helping him find the truth, he said that his wife chose to betray him despite trusting with his heart and soul.

“I trusted her with all my heart and my soul. I stood with her in all her sickness and her troubles but this is what she does to betray me,” he said.

He added that her action has left him exposed to the disease. “She is taking ARVs and I am exposed to the disease. She doesn’t care whether I die or I live. So, I am just an object for her to use…”

Watch the video below:

Read netizens reactions below;

Lebo wrote : “If it was a man who hid all this, the world would be in flames as we speak, this is a brother, a father, a son and a friend to someone.”

Thabo_William said: “No matter how many times we can justify this, marriage is built on honesty as a foundation. The wife was wrong to hide such thing from her husband.”

Mamngwevu said: “We may give excuses for this, but it’s wrong in many ways. For whole 3 years. I wonder if it was the wife who found out, besizothini?” margie7303 said: “We need to hear from her first and stop stigma no matter how angry you are stand with her people live more than 50yrs with it. Take it easy on her.”

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