“After we dated for two years, I bought a car worth over 20 million for her but I was not lucky to knack her” – Influencer Papaya Ex former boyfriend, Toblad breaks silence (Video)

Toblad, a popular TikToker and the alleged ex-boyfriend of popular Nigerian influencer, Papaya Ex in a series of posts on social media has dragged her for the maltreatment he experienced and how he was beaten up by the soldiers sent by the influencer.

According to reports that have gone viral on the internet, the estranged boyfriend had had a misunderstanding with the influencer over a particular matter.
The problem had driven to Papaya Ex sending soldiers who he claimed beat him up.

After this, Toblad then decided to go online to disclose his affairs with the Instagram influencer.

According to Toblad, he dated Papaya Ex for 2 years when they decided to upgrade her car from the old one she was using.
He said that he had spoken to his dealer about a Mercedes Benz ML350 2014 which the dealer had said was 9 million naira.
Although he had offered to pay some part of the cash so she pays the remaining with time, Papaya had insisted and made the full payment.

Toblad added that when Papaya had returned from a trip to Ghana where she had gone to see another man, she had changed her mind about buying the car.

But at the time, the car dealer told them that they cannot have it back.

He said that she started showing up some weird attitude and refused to reply to some of his messages.

Speaking about his regret in the relationship, Toblad said he was unable to have the have se><ual intercourse with Papaya’s Ex while through the two years of their relationship.
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