“Hilda Baci is an Olosho, she is not a chef” – Nigerian pastor reveals (Video)

A Nigerian pastor named Joshua Agunbiade has become the subject of a contentious debate after delivering a sermon about the “attire of a harlot.”

Many internet users have speculated that his remarks were aimed at popular chef, Hilda Baci, who is known for her impressive culinary accomplishments.

The pastor’s sermon, which was shared on Twitter, focused on a specific Bible passage describing the clothing worn by a harlot.

In an excerpt from the sermon, Pastor Joshua implied that regardless of one’s achievements, people can make assumptions about their involvement in activities beyond their primary profession based on their attire choices.

Although he didn’t explicitly mention any names, social media users quickly linked his words to the popular chef, Hilda Baci, triggering controversy and heated discussions online.

This sermon has sparked a passionate conversation about the appropriateness of clothing and the boundaries of public commentary.

Some people argue that the pastor’s remarks were judgmental and uncalled for, while others defend his right to express his religious beliefs.

In his words,
“There is something that the book of Proverbs calls the attire of a harlot. It means that if you see a demon girl, you can know from her dressing. It doesn’t matter the records she breaks, you can know from the way the person dresses.
Any record the person wants to break the person should break it, there is something that is actually properly called the attire of a harlot…there is a way you will dress and we will suspect, this one is selling something and it’s not food she’s selling.”

Watch him speak below;

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