“How do I take this picture now?”– Actor Lateef Adedimeji questions a dwarf lady who approaches him for pictures (Video)

Lateef Adedimeji, a well-known Nigerian actor, recently gained attention in the media when a video of him joking around with a dwarf woman went viral across all social media platforms.

In the video, the woman approached Adedimeji and requested to take a photo with him. Since then, considerable focus has been placed on Adedimeji’s response to her request, and many individuals have commended him for his kindness and humility.

As the lady approached him, Adedimeji said, “It is well, how do I take this picture now, olohun?” This statement, loosely translating to “It’s okay, how should we take the picture?” in English, demonstrated his willingness to accommodate the woman’s request and make her feel at ease.

Adedimeji has garnered praise from his followers and admirers on social media for his considerate and courteous behavior towards the woman.

Many people have applauded him for his modesty and the respect he showed her, treating her no differently than he would treat anyone else.

The incident has sparked discussions about the treatment of individuals with disabilities in Nigeria and the importance of extending respect and compassion to them.

Adedimeji’s actions have been hailed as an exemplary model for how individuals should interact with those who may differ from them.

Through his reaction to the dwarf woman’s request, Adedimeji displayed kindness, humility, and respect for all individuals. It serves as a powerful reminder for everyone to approach others with love and compassion, irrespective of their background, appearance, or abilities.

Watch the video below;

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