“It is better to rent an apartment than buying a house” – Rapper Speed Darlington

Popular Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington who is known for his controversial opinions has said that it is more advisable to rent an apartment than to buy a house in a location that is not one’s homeland.

According to him, owning a house in a different state or region would limit one’s ability to relocate quickly in case of unexpected circumstances. He suggested that renting a home as a non-native resident would be a more appropriate option than buying a house.

In a video posted on his TikTok page, Speed Darlington argued that owning a house in a foreign location would impede one’s freedom.

Speed Darlington on why renting a house is better than buying

It’s better to rent than to buy houses, especially in another man’s land.
“If you buy a house, over time it [the place] gets crowded. [And] maybe you decide, I don’t like here anymore, e don cast; everybody know where I live now, I want to move to other part of the state or other part of the country.

“You can’t just pack your things and go. First, you need to sell that house. Only God knows when you are going to sell because not everybody has money to buy a house.
“So, now you are stuck at this address, and you can’t leave. Freedom is an asset.
“Freedom, the ability to pack up and disappear anytime. But if you rent, you can pack up and leave anytime.”

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