Landlord releases his dog to run after tenant who refuses to pay house rent (Video)

A video that has gone viral on the internet captures the moment a landlord uses his dog to attack a tenant because of money owed, causing widespread anger.

In the video, the landlord, who remains unidentified, can be seen arguing with the tenant. The tenant had politely questioned why he was denied entry to the compound for more than two hours.

According to witnesses, the landlord alleged that the tenant owed him N45,000 and threatened to set his dog on him.

The tenant, who had been bitten by the landlord’s dog in the past, dared him to follow through on his threat, and unfortunately, he did.

The situation was finally brought under control by other neighbors, who intervened and ensured that the dog was returned to its enclosure.

There are also allegations that this landlord has a reputation for being extremely harsh in the local area.

Watch the video below;

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