Nigerian girls shakara gradually coming to an end as billionaire tech guru, Elon Musk is allegedly set to invent robotic girlfriend (Photos)

The viral photograph depicting billionaire businessman and Tesla CEO, Elon Musk dancing with an alleged humanoid companion has sparked widespread discussion.

According to circulating rumors on the internet, Tesla, the car company led by the CEO, is purportedly in the final stages of developing a humanoid robotic partner.

Based on the viral images, individuals have observed the billionaire engaging in dances, cuddles, and even kisses with the robot, which some speculate could replace human companionship in intimate settings.

The robot, reportedly named Catnilla, has garnered attention from users who have outlined its perceived features.

According to these accounts, the robot is designed to operate using solar energy for charging, possesses sensory capabilities, and is equipped with an interactive mindset that allows it to experience emotions such as sadness and happiness in a balanced manner.

Additional assertions suggest that the robot may rely on batteries that can sustain its functionality for an entire menstrual cycle and provide physical intimacy, with an estimated cost ranging between $32,000 and $79,000.

It is important to note that the photograph in question is a product of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

However, upon investigation, it has been determined that these images are not authentic and have been generated using AI, as indicated by distinct characteristics that reveal their AI origin.

Experts point out that AI still faces challenges in accurately rendering human hands, which is evident in the photograph due to an excess number of fingers depicted on the robot.

Interestingly, the alleged creator of Elon Musk’s robot companion is the same individual responsible for the creation of the widely recognized puff-jacketed Pope, which gained substantial attention when it went viral two months ago.

See some of the pictures below;

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