Nigerian man pauses wedding plan after watching actor Emeka Ike’s viral interview

One Nigerian man has put his wedding on hold after being influenced by Emeka Ike‘s interview about losing properties and access to his kids due to his ex-wife.

Emeka Ike who returned to the big screen with Toyin Abraham’s new cinematic creation “Malaika” in an interview with Channel TV Ike claimed that his ex-wife, Suzanne Emma orchestrated false accusations of assault, leading to the dissolution of their marriage.

The actor added that his wife who was the proprietress announced the closure of his N480 million investment, a school.

In his words;  “My secondary school, St. Nicholas College, on CMD road, Magodo, was shut down. Over N480 million in investment that year was shut down. And all I heard was constant battery,” he said.

“I was always saying look I do not beat this lady, what is going on? I went on air, I said I never did. Babe, they say I beat you, do I? No, but you are a star, they can always manipulate things. So I was gullible until I discovered she was actually the one behind the whole thing.

“It was depressing to find out that the person you are actually confiding in knows that men were coming into your house and was making calls with them and arranging and discussing this thing and the resolution was after it all, blackmail him. I was busy grouping with the blackmail, I did not know it was much more than that.

“So it was crazy. My school was shut down. Students were told to go home. This school is shut down, this marriage is shut down on the same day I was on air heading for a movie shoot in America.

“I came back home to nothing! My house and my properties had been moved. I lost plenty of them, like 80% of my land. People are building on my property and I am looking at it and I feel like killing myself. Everything I got as Emeka Ike was gone. It was just that box I went to America with.”

“I shut down my stardom, I have to focus on my family. I noticed a lot of lapses. I said forget the stardom now, the kids. I was able to bring them out of depression and build them but right now she is in their possession. I do not know where they are, I cannot see my kids for two years, they are hiding from me.”

Watch him speak below:

However, an X user identified as Bright reveals that he’s putting his wedding on hold minutes after watching actor Emeka Ike’s viral interview.

He wrote; “My wedding is march next year, but after watching this Emeka Ike interview for four times, I’m putting it on hold! That word “investing in someone who isn’t investing in you,” “Loving someone you don’t know if you’re being loved in return,” is enough for me.”

See the screenshot of the post below;

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