Possible reasons why singer Wizkid and Portable were snubbed by Headies Awards

The 2023 Headies Awards have announced the people nominated for different categories. However, two notable names, Wizkid and Portable, are not on the list.

Wizkid is a very famous and successful artist in Africa. In 2022, he released an album called “Made in Lagos (Deluxe Edition).” This album was liked by critics and was also a big hit among listeners. It had many popular songs like “Essence” and “No Stress.”

Portable, a street pop artiste who rose to stardom at the end of 2021, released his debut album in 202. The album was a huge hit, and it houses many popular hit tracks, including “Zazu Zeh“ and “Omo Ope.”

Even though Wizkid and Portable achieved great success with their albums, they were still not nominated for the 2023 Headies Awards. Some fans have accused the Headies Awards of deliberately ignoring them.

Music lovers on social media are expressing their disappointment and frustration with the Headies Awards. They are calling the omission of Wizkid and Portable a “disgrace” and claiming that it confirms that the awards are rigged.

The Headies Awards organizers are yet to respond to the discussion. It is possible that the awards committee did not consider Wizkid and Portable’s albums suitable for nomination based on their standards.

Irrespective of their reasoning, the omission has attracted attention and curiosity. It will be interesting to see how Wizkid and Portable respond to this news.

There could be some valid reasons why Wizkid and Portable were not included in the list of nominees for the Headies Awards.

1. Album Quality: One reason why Wizkid and Portable might not have been included in the Headies Awards nominees list is that their albums may not have been considered good enough. The awards usually recognize albums that are both popular and well-liked by critics, and it’s possible that Wizkid and Portable’s albums didn’t meet those standards.

2. Competition: Another reason for Wizkid and Portable not being included in the nominees’ list for the Headies Awards is the strong competition in the 2023 edition. Many other artists have released successful albums in 2022, and it’s possible that Wizkid and Portable’s albums were not considered outstanding compared to the other contenders. The awards committee may have selected the artists and albums they believed were the best in the competition.

3. Bias: There have been previous allegations of bias in the Headies Awards. It is probable that the awards committee might have held some bias against Wizkid and Portable, which could have caused their exclusion from the nominations.

We are not actually sure of why Wizkid and Portable were ignored at the Headies Awards. But their exclusion has definitely caused surprise and started a discussion about whether the awards are fair.

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