Rapper Olamide set to quit music, considers starting a new career in the pastoral field

Prominent Nigerian rapper, Olamide, has stirred up mixed reactions on the internet after expressing his interest in being a pastor.

Wonder9ja reports that the singer, in a post shared via Twitter on Sunday, July 30, claimed that Lagos state-based pastors are ‘cashing out’ from their church members.

The YBNL boss stated that despite the increase in fuel prices, the number of cars on Lagos roads remains high, causing traffic in the state.

While speaking about becoming a pastor, Olamide said he can multitask.

He tweeted: “People too get money for Lagos !! Why is there traffic this Sunday morning ! So much cars on the road. pastors de cash out sha can’t lie. God you fit call me too oh. I fit multitask.”

The post sparked mixed reactions from netizens, with many saying Christians will ignore the statement, unlike Muslims.

toyor_pr wrote: “Nowadays, church is a business. You shouldn’t judge anyone because you are not God. By the way, if you’ve read your Bible properly, you should learn that you shouldn’t defend God. Be guided too”

danielRegha wrote: “Olamide the church isn’t a business & should never be regarded as one; Don’t use ur platform to implant wrong ideas in the minds of others. U are influential, but mind how ur words especially when it comes to God, cos He can pick offense. Be guided, everything isn’t cruise.”

foodnetworking wrote: “No one talks about road blocks when Muslims pray on Fridays! Let Christians breathe…teinkz”

meetemmanueljacobs wrote: “A lot of people talk about the benefits of being a pastor, but they don’t acknowledge the sacrifices these pastors make. If you think being a pastor is easy, go ahead and try.”

poshet wrote: “See how he jokingly said this and we understood it perfectly. If it were one religion of peace now, they’d have cancelled Olamide *shakes bumbum while running away”

tipsyadebukola wrote: “Imagine if he was referring to them Muslim cleric? internet for don burn down by down. Awon misplaced priorities”

uchemaduagwu wrote: “This is disrespectful to Men of God. Dear OLAMIDE, you need to Apologize to pastors for this”

veevogee wrote: “It shouldn’t bother you at all. Same way you guys organize concerts and people pay to get tickets for entry. Let God be the judge”

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