See Reasons Why Singer Portable Outshines Other Talented Artists With Poor Songs

In Nigeria’s music industry today, some artistes who don’t have a single talent and what to offer to the world will just show up in the music scene, drop one mumu song, and boom, they become a celebrity overnight while some upcoming artistes who are extremely talented and gifted are on the street struggling to make their music go global.

Have you ever wondered why it is like that?

It is because we Nigerians no longer listen to good music. What we listen to now is noise in form of music coming from shaku shaku artistes in Nigeria and that is why most of them disappear from the music scene quickly. The funniest part is that most of these street pop artistes are always touts, drug addicts and hooligans and area.

You can easily find them in areas like Agege, Mushin, Sango, Ijora, Ojo, Bariga, Ayobo and Oshodi, Lagos State.

They have weird stage names, you hear names like; Werey Olorin, Idamu Adugbo, Werey Sango, and one even named himself Machala Sango. Funny, isn’t it?

Now let’s talk about Portable, Portable is a very lucky guy who only found grace. Assuming Baddo didn’t drop a verse on Portable’s hit song “Zazoo Zeh” by now he would still be in Sango smoking igbo and disturbing the whole community.

Portable managed to drop three hit tracks after the release of “Zazoo Zeh”, he released “Ogo Forever”, “Clear” and “Azaman” where he sampled Asake’s song “Organize”.

Ever since the release of “Zazoo Zeh“, Portable stopped making good music and we can all say that what he does now is noise. The only thing that kept Portable relevant in the music industry till today is controversy.

Do you guys remember Mr Benson Omo Ologo? When it comes to street pop, this guy is talented and versatile. Mr Benson dominated the airwaves in around 2018 to 2019, his first track “Mopol Mopol” was widely accepted. After his first single, he released hit tracks like Bitcoin, Screen Touch & Ogogoro ft. Qdot.

After releasing the aforementioned tracks, Mr Benson disappeared from the music scene. After his return, he started producing wack songs which made him lose fans. Mr Benson is nowhere to be found today, a close friend told me that the singer is struggling to come back to the industry.

Let’s also take a look at Danny S. He broke into the limelight after he released “Ege”, which trended in Nigeria for months.

Danny S was fortunate to feature Olamide in his second track titled “Waka Jeje” which was also a hit. Everyone thought he would replace Slimcase but it is so unfortunate that he disappeared from the music scene early.

Ever since he released his hit song “Ege” and “Waka Jeje” which other bangers has he dropped again? Nothing right? He has faded away from the music scene.

Same as Slimcase also. Slimcase even tried, he was able to release about 5 songs that dominated digital platforms for weeks even though he is always shouting in his songs.

Where is Slimcase today? He is no longer as active in the industry as he used to be, Baba is now playing games on Instagram. He is even supporting upcoming artists through his platform. Kudos to him.

Why do you think artistes like Portable become famous easily than upcoming artistes who are talented ?

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