South African Lady Who Was Discriminated And Maltreated By Her family Finally Graduated With A Good Degree From University

A young South African lady who goes by the name Akekho Omnye has taken to social media to celebrate her latest accomplishment at the same time out unleashing uncensored vergence over what she has gone through during her slow beginning in her educational journey.

Akekho failed grade 5 and grade 11 respectively turning her into a laughing stock. She was called many names even her family members are not an exception. They were subject to comparison with her brilliant cousins, she was called stupid, and a slow girl who was skeptical of academic success.

After so many backlashes, Akekho stood her ground to follow her dreams and shame her forces who were hellbent to bring her down. Today she is a graduate of the North West University with an excellent degree.

In her post on Facebook, she wrote;

“I failed grade 5
I failed grade 11
I finished high school at the age of 20
They called me stupid and slow
I was never the genius, straight A’s
They said I don’t qualify for university, college is where I should go.
They compared me to my cousins.
Look at me now!! The stupid, slow little girl who didn’t qualify for university. The stupid, slow girl who can only go to college.. the girl whose cousins are better than her because they finished school before her.
God showed them, He showed them that only He knows, only He decides.. Thank You Lord..”

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