Streaming farm or grace? – Music lovers in doubt over Jamopyper’s sudden success as his new song ‘Nonstop’ which 99 percent of Nigerians are not aware of emerges the number one position on Apple Music chart (Photos)

The Nigerian music sphere has constantly been active with new songs and artistes competing for the top position on several music charts.

Lately, Jamopyper‘s newly released song titled “Nonstop” featuring Myspro and Peruzzi which 95 percent of music lovers in Nigeria haven’t heard about emerged the number one position on the Nigeria Apple Music’s Top 100 chart. Nevertheless, this sudden accomplishment has got Nigerians talking and it has stirred up a serious discussion about the genuineness of its success.

The song “Nonstop is part of Jamopyper’s recently released album, dubbed “Jamopyper.” While it’s mindblowing to see an artiste rise to the top, some music lovers and critics have conveyed suspicion about the song’s sudden rise to the number one position.

The main question lies in whether this success is organic or the result of artificially boosting the song’s streams, a strategy generally referred to as “streaming farming.”

One of the main assertions against the song’s legitimacy as the number one track is the disparity between its performance on Apple Music and other streaming platforms like Spotify. Critics claim that “Nonstop” has garnered less than 100k streams on Spotify and has not thrived well on other streaming platforms. This brings ups doubts about the song’s actual popularity and whether it genuinely resonates with the audience.

Another point of view is the
position of the album “Jamopyper” itself.

Some music lovers have raised questions about how a song from an album that isn’t even in the Top 100 albums on Apple Music managed to climb to the number one spot. It’s a reasonable question, as commonly, a song’s success is always linked to the overall performance of the album it comes from.

See screenshots below:

Some fans and supporters of Jamopyper believe his song’s success is due to his talent and fan base. Others are requesting an investigation into streaming numbers to ensure fairness in the music industry.

It’s important for the industry and streaming platforms to be transparent and maintain credibility in their charts. We should support artists we enjoy and appreciate their hard work.

The controversy surrounding “Nonstop” on the Top 100 Nigeria chart raises concerns about its authenticity. We hope the industry and platforms work together to ensure fairness and give deserving artists the recognition they deserve.

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