Ten ways to become a celebrity in Nigeria

The Nigerian entertainment industry is one of the leading and largest industries in the whole of Africa, and it has been expanding every year, with a lot of singers, comedians, dancers, actors, actresses, TV stars, and influencers getting attention across the globe for their talent and creativity.

It is unfortunate that most celebrities didn’t begin as celebrities; they worked effortlessly hard and made several sacrifices to get to where they are today. If you want to know how to become a celebrity or public figure in Nigeria (or beyond), here are the 10 steps to take.

Step 1. Market yourself online

There are two things that aspiring Nigerian celebrities needs for their success: the talent, and the exposure. With today’s technology, you can use social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat to polish yourself, market yourself and connect with your fans. You can start by getting at least 20k followers on Instagram with a verified badge. On those platforms mentioned earlier, you can share content about yourself so that people get acquainted with who you and will know what your brand is all about.

Step 2. Invest in your social media presence

Investing in your social media presence is very important.

Create a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account. Communicate in a friendly manner with your followers and ask them questions about what they want from you. By doing that, you can get an idea of what type of content that should be uploaded on the different platforms to reach the maximum number of people.

Step 3. Build connections offline

Thirdly, you need to build connections offline. Starting out as an artiste, meeting up and networking events are perfect for finding music promoter, producers, directors and others who can help get you to the next level. It’s important to keep your contacts up-to-date by following them on social media so that they know who you are, have seen your work, and feel positive about seeing more.

Step 4. Get professional photography done

Tip four of ten is getting professional photography done. There are many photography studios in your vicinity, and you may want to call them and set up an appointment. However, I discovered that there are countless of professional photographers roaming around the streets of Lagos with high quality cameras too. You may be lucky to find one on the street or at an event! In Nigeria, it’s not difficult to find someone who can take pictures.
Start by making decision on what kind of photo shoot your followers would like.

Step 5. Attach yourself to reputable brands

You should always know that the brands that you attach yourself to need to be a reputable brand that has brand awareness. Give them your hundred percent loyalty, concern, and time. Once you give those things to them, they will surely reciprocate by giving you theirs also.

Step 6. Work on perfecting your craft

Working on perfecting your craft is another necessary tip. If you want to be an artiste or vocalist, focus on learning and mastering the basics of music theory. If you want to be an actor, try and find out the specific roles you might enjoy most. By the time you are ready for your big break, you will discover that people will naturally be drawn to your abilities.

Step 7. Practice smart business decisions and good character

Avoid publicizing rumors, including revealing your financial situation to the public. If you make well-thought-about business decisions and have good character, people will respect you and be loyal to you. Bad publicity can tarnish your image as a celebrity/public figure.
It is also very important not to spend money too much on personal items because people will assume that you are making more money than the one you’re spending especially when they see photos of expensive clothes or jewelry posted on social media.

Step 8. Be willing to make sacrifices for what you love

You must be willing to make sacrifices for what you love. It’s difficult enough being a musician, but being a celebrity is like you’re on the same level. If it is your passion, then you should be able to sacrifice the luxuries of living an average life and be content with your present state because of the fact that you are living the dream. Put in a lot of effort and hard work. By doing this, it will surely turn into something mighty.

Step 9. Don’t be afraid of hard work and sacrifice
If you want to achieve your goal of becoming an A-lister, there are no shortcuts.

This is why it’s so important that you must be very sure about what you want and then work diligently towards it. Hard work and sacrifice will eventually pay off it might only take a longer time.

Step 10. Have fun!

Have fun? Yes, have fun!. Having fun comes as the second nature to most celebrities but this tip is always negcleted by the newbies. But if you don’t find pleasure in your work, then it won’t last long because “All works and no play” they say it “makes Jack a dull boy”.

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