“Work and live in Canada”— A rich man help people to relocate to Canada and Europe using his money to sponsor them. Read how you can apply now (Read)

A man called Mr Canada and Europe, has said he is ready to assist people to relocate to Canada with his money. In a viral video, he showed some people he tagged caregivers and drivers, claiming they recently arrived in Canada thanks to his help. Images of people he claimed to have helped migrate to Canada.

@amnco05 Source: TikTok He said they arrived via work visa. He extended help to those who lack money but still wish to migrate, urging them to contact him via the link on his TikTok bio. The man said those without money can begin paying him after they land Canadian jobs. The authenticity of his offer has not been confirmed at the time of this report.

Watch the video below: People show interest in his sponsorship offer BEAUTIFUL GENESIS said: ”Pliz help me mr Canada i don’t have money but after starting to earn I will pay u.” orivia4 said: “Thank you much for considering them.” B.Jay said: “Pls try ur possible best to help me too n I will work hard n pay.” DAVE said: “I swear I will pay you back everything you spend about the travel please help me Sir I am begging you in the name of Jesus Christ please.” Jolie Ndanguza said: “Hello sir I’m from Rwanda I’m interested too pls help me I may pay half and the remaining after I starting to work.”

chinny-smart said: “Mr Canada please I help get a caregiver job but I don’t have money I will pay when I start working.” . In a viral TikTok video, Grace said the offer is for those who want to migrate and work in the North American country but lack the financial muscles. She said the interested person must provide a family member as a guarantor before they sign the contract. Grace reiterated that the whole processing would be done with her money, and the person would not be required to pay a dime until it was successful.

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