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Who is Bebelino PmXtra?

Bebelino whose real name is Bebelino Karmani Kumabio (born November 29, 1997) is a Ghanaian reality TV star, fashion designer, and the CEO of Bebelino Garments. He competed in a reality TV show tagged ‘Date Rush’ but wasn’t able to win the show due to his inability to find a partner on the show.

Bebelino’s newly found fame came after he participated in the popular Ghanaian dating show dubbed ‘Perfect Match Xtra 2023’ and was declared winner alongside Grace Tawiah.


Bebelino is 25 years old (as of 2023).

Early Life

Bebelino Karmani was born in Pusu, a small town in the Northern District, Bolgatanga. The beginning of a life filled with promise for success. Bebelino’s background instilled in him the qualities of determination and hard work as a result of his humble upbringing. His early life had a significant impact on the type of person he would become.


He was born to Faustina Lamisi Kumalbeo and Kamani Kumalbeo, his late father. He was born into a poor family. Coming from a middle family in Pusu, his endeavor to this feat has been through his perseverance and hard work.


As of the time of filing this report, not too much is known about Bebelino’s educational background as there are no reports of it online.


Bebelino’s relationship with his fellow housemate, Grace Tawiah happens to be one crucial aspect of his life. They came together to create the dominant couple fanbase known as ‘Gralino’.

Beyond their close personal relationship, they work together to encourage and uplift each other’s goals and desires.

Bebelino values her loved ones and likes spending time with them in addition to his career and relationship. He is a lover of fashion and nature. He spends time making research about the latest trends in the fashion world as he finds it inspiring for his work.

Winning Perfect Match Extra Show

When Bebelino and Grace participated in the inaugural season of the Perfect Match Xtra reality show, their adventure took new heights. Couples from different backgrounds were brought together for this special competition to examine their compatibility and express their love.

Bebelino Karmani and Grace Tawiah became winners, winning the hearts of the audience and attaining their place in reality show history thanks to their chemistry, mutual support, and unyielding resolve.


Bebelino is currently in a relationship with Grace Tawiah, and the lovebirds won the Perfect Match Xtra 2023 edition.

Net Worth

Bebelino’s net worth is estimated to be around 45-50 Ghanaian Cedis as he earned GHC25,000 after emerging winner of the PmXtra show.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bebelino PmXtra’s name?

His real name is Bebelino Kamani Kumalbeo but he is well known in the entertainment industry as Bebelino.
How old is Bebelino Kamani?

Bebelino is currently 25 years old (as of 2023). The fashion designer and reality TV star was born on November 29, 1997.

Where was Bebelino Kamani born?

Bebelino was born and raised in Pusu Namogo, the Northern part of Ghana.

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