“Delete that video or else, I will…” – Actress Destiny Etiko sends warning to prankster Untouchable Comedy, gives him 24-Hrs ultimatum (Video)

Controversial Nigerian actress, Destiny Etiko, has sent a warning to Nigerian prankster, Chibuike Gabriel popularly known as Untouchable Comedies to take down a prank video of her that has gone round the internet from his various platforms and social media.

Untouchable recently pranked Destiny Etiko by planting a reportedly dead human inside her car booth, leading her to scream in horror and express rage for toying with her emotions.

In an attempt to gain her forgiveness, Untouchable pulled another trick by misleading her with a car gift.
With the recordings still making waves online, Destiny angrily demanded Untouchable to remove the tapes from his pages on June 7 via Facebook because he refused to reimburse her.

Destiny issued a 24-hour ultimatum to the prankster to delete the videos or pay for damages. She threatened fire and brimstone if he fails to comply.

Watch her speak below;

Reacting to the post:
Ibo Hope Mnena wrote: Is it today that you remember to speak for yourself? This has happened for long and you are bringing it up now (hiss).

Uhegwu Lucky Nwosu wrote: I know you are angry, but you should calm down. No only you them prank, you are too big for this noise.

Godstime Edijala wrote: Take It Easy My Favorite celeb, Destiny Etiko please You are Bigger than This You are Amazing I understand How you feel But Please just let it go!

Nellie Eyrard wrote: The person is playing with fire 🔥so bad heart too bad na…let him do the needful you work so hard why na.. he cross the boundaries don’t leave it..he supposed to asked it simple.

Zaapayim Sampa wrote: Pls calm down forgive him let go of it, he’s already passing through a lot this time. I love you.

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