Five Reasons Why You Should Never Marry An Actress

There is an actual attraction that comes with being in a relationship or getting married to an actress. As some of the most pursued women in the world, sometimes admired by millions of people, you might be thinking you’ve hit the jackpot. It’s very easy to get stuck into the flamboyance and attractiveness of it all.

But they say “all that glitters is not gold”. The life of an actress is hectic, fraught with cases that the ordinary person simply isn’t cut out for. As the leading man in an actress’s real life, what you thought would become a dream come true might be a living nightmare!

So therefore, in today’s article, I will be discussing 5 reasons why you should never marry an actress, no matter how obsessed you are with her.

1.You won’t have privacy for the public

One of the downsides of dating an actress is that, now that you’re a part of her life, you automatically become a public figure along with her.
This is more of a concern when the actress is famous and her love life has previously been the subject of tabloid stories.

Whatever you do, even when she is not present with you or involved, is likely to get you some unwanted attention from the press.

2. Limited time to take care of family

Many roles need actresses to shoot in different cities, states, or even countries, which can sometimes involve being away from home for weeks or months.

This is a bigger issue for actresses who have children. Whether you all travel together or she leaves you behind to take care of the children, either, way it will cause a major disturbance to your life.
Spending weeks or months away from each other is very bad for any marriage, and it’s easy for things like jealousy and trust issues to develop.

3. Actresses are not truthful

Actresses profession involves being able to lie without stress. If she’s good at her job, you won’t be able to notice when she’s lying to you. That blanket you bought for her, the one she said she loved, does she actually love it? You will never know.

4. Intimate scenes

Possibilities are, a time will come when she will have to kiss a handsome actor. What you might not know is that kissing scenes have to be shot many times, so even if there’s just one kiss, the chance is there were many shots taken to get the perfect one.

Although it’s part of the job, not all men are okay with their girlfriends or wives kissing other people. Because, although it is acting, the kiss is still quite real. Those lips do meet; those tongues do connect.

4. You will find it difficult to understand her world

This is very true if you’re an average person who is not in the entertainment industry.
Acouple doesn’t need to be in the same field for their marriage to work, not knowing what the entertainment industry involves will make it difficult for you to connect with her.

You won’t appreciate the demands of her job, the unusual and distinctive nature of her industry, or how to help her when things go wrong.
This can put a danger in the relationship and push her into the arms of someone who “understands her world”

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