“I’m not brilliant. School is very big sc@m. I wanted to do business not study”— a woman cried out after her husband asked for a divorce because she failed Masters in Uk(Watch)

The woman stated that she is also done with the marriage and her husband can go back to his ex—lover.

A Nigerian couple is currently trending on social media due to their marital dilemma that has left their marriage on the brink of collapse.

According to reports, the couple relocated abroad with the plan that the wife would be studying while the husband would be working to fund her education and provide for the family.

Unfortunately, the wife failed her Master’s program and couldn’t secure a Graduate route visa that would enable them to stay in the UK, so they were forced to return to Nigeria.
Infuriated by his wife’s failure, the husband asked for a divorce and stated that he wishes he had married his ex-lover, who he considers more intelligent.

See below:

Well, the woman has now come forward to share her own side of the story in a voice note trending online.

She explained that she had told her husband from the onset that she didn’t want to go to school and instead wanted to run a business.

However, he insisted that she pursue her Master’s degree despite knowing she is not book-smart.

To make matters worse, he got her pregnant immediately they got to the UK, which drastically affected her studies.

The woman stated that she is also done with the marriage and her husband can go back to his ex-lover. She added that she can’t continue with the marriage because her husband constantly talks down on her and physically assaults her.

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