”Knacking a lady because you want to help her is embarrassing” – Instagram Influencer, Caramel speaks (Video)

Ogechi Ukonu, a popular Instagram influencer professionally known as Caramel, recently expressed her criticism towards men who prioritize their desire for intimacy over helping women in need. Caramel voiced her opinion during her appearance on a BTS reality show hosted by media personality Jermaine, where the topic of discussion revolved around body positivity.

Drawing from the overwhelming response to her podcast, Caramel pointed out that many men tend to assume that any woman seeking their assistance has ulterior motives of engaging in a sexual relationship with them. This perception, she believes, is both disheartening and degrading.

Caramel further emphasized that it is rather embarrassing to view someone’s plea for help as an opportunity for sexual encounters. She argued that it is far preferable to refrain from offering assistance altogether than to engage in such transactions, where the underlying motive is to satisfy one’s own desires instead of genuinely aiding a woman in need.

Watch her speak below;


See reactions below;
tikubana: How about, don’t accept help or money from men if don’t like or you’re not planning to sleep with them? Men are very transactional, if you make it clear you’re not going to be sexually involved with him at the start, 98% of time they will back off. The issue is most ladies know what they are doing yet they pretend, you’ll allow a man spend on you then when he tries to sleep with you, you’ll say “It’s embarrassing to help people if you want to sleep with them”. Communication is everything. I don’t support helping somebody expecting something in return but if you’re not interested don’t allow someone to spend on you Period! For the sake of your self respect and dignity Dont let it. Life is way too simple.

_themediagirl:  Funny how these days when a guy is overly nice to me, I get scared. Most times, it’s too good to be true. Then two weeks to three weeks down the line…they start asking to hangout and become friends with benefits. I’m tired Abeg.

ugochukwudike_: The blogs won’t post this one o. They’ll sha cut and join so it will fit a narrative that’ll set one up for national dragging.

violet_omos:  I say this every-time and I will say it again… Ladies ,if u know the person u are about asking help or money from us not ur family members hummm pls stop okay..because u can’t expect a man. To work his ass off and then start throwing money around when he his not a president..if only ur family members u will ask for money that won’t ask u for s,:ex in return let’s face fact…some men might actually genuinely want to help and that’s fine and after that help do not go back to him again asking for another help pls..and when they finally help,y’all sit your d:/,irty somewhere and say the guy is a m/:ugu why? Nothing in life is free but then again there are genuine guys out there who will be willing to help without asking u for anything in return but what u do with such help or how u react to such help will either make him ask for something afterwards…. You can’t go around asking guys for help when they are not ur father’s brother Mthwee.

ekemininels0n: A man who sleeps with a woman because he helped her didn’t help her. He was just offering her a bait . A lot of men do this, it’s only few courageous women turn it down. You shouldn’t help someone because you want something in return but no because you’re so ungodly.

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