“A bag of rice price will be N100,000 and some Nigerian senators will be sent to life imprisonment in 2024″— Pastor Ayodele released his divine prophecies.

The Overseer of INRI Spiritual Church, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele (JP), has released his divine messages for the year 2024 and predicted that the price of imported rice will rise to N80,000 per bag in the country and that some members of Nigeria’s Senate will be indicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.
The renowned spiritual leader held his annual press briefing on Friday in the auditorium of the Church’s Headquarters at INRI Prosperity Estate, Oke-Afa, Ejigbo, Lagos where he dished out his predictions in all facets of life for the approaching 2024.
The predictions are contained in a 91-page document entitled: A COMPILATION OF THE DIVINE MESSAGES FOR THE YEAR 2024 & BEYOND released to the world on Friday 22 Dec. 2023.

According to the man of God, “The Dollar to Naira will rise to #1400 and this will shake the economy so badly.
The economy will be fluctuating to the extent that the Central Bank of Nigeria will cry out. The Government’s palliative is part of the things that are ruining the economy and has not added anything good to the economic revival. Local rice will go to #45,000; Imported rice will be #80,000; Coca-cola will be #300, and ‘Pure water’ (Sachet water) will be sold at the rate of two for #100.
Biscuit will go to #100, #150, #200 while a bottle of palm oil will go to #2,000. If the government did not listen to my advice now, the economy will go down beyond what we are saying.”
Primate Ayodele also warned that he foresaw that the government in Nigeria would launch Digital currency, saying “The spirit of God says Digital currency will not help our economic woes. The digital currency will only help the economy if government agrees to do the right things that will boost the growth of the economy.”

He also said “The level of poverty with the solution that government is bringing in will be heating the polity and causing hyper-inflation. If the government does not reduce the level of poverty, there will be total insecurity in the country. The government must work on issues that will not threaten security and proffer solutions to economic problems for the country to forge ahead.”
He also informed that some forces would be hell-bent on frustrating the Tinubu-led Federal Government but “they will not be successful. The spirit of God says those who are scheming to frustrate it are people that he is closer to. The opposition will take several steps to fight the present government but they will miss their strategies.”
The man of God also predicted that “the Police and the Army will protest, especially people at the war zone because of irregularities in their salaries. They will be owed and will call for salary increment. I foresee there will be corrupt practices on the part of people handling the money. The spirit of God says there will be so much pressure on issues that have to do with security.”

He, therefore, recommended five solutions that can avert the predicted socio-economic calamities.
Government of Nigeria must work on five things in 2024 which can make the country to be great: (1) Stable light, (2) Improve security and buy more weapons, (3) Development of infrastructural facilities, (4) Agriculture (plenty of food) and (5) Create employment”.
These are the things God said the government of Tinubu should look into and leave other things for now if they want hardship to be reduced drastically. Otherwise, there will be compounded problems of hardship.
He also warned that Nigerians should pray to avoid destruction of the habitats for the fish, adding “I foresee that fish will be very expensive in the market.”

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On the 2024 Budget, he said: “I foresee that the budgetary provisions as spelt out will not affect the economy significantly the way it is expected. The spirit of God says there will be so many loopholes in the Budget and many of the major highlights as detailed in the budget will not be executed satisfactorily as expected.
The spirit of God says the Nigerian government will still borrow more money otherwise the Administration will not make serious headways in all spheres of its developmental efforts that will make things better, and thus bring joy and enhance the economy“.
The spirit of God says the government at the Centre should collaborate with the states especially the states having solid minerals or natural resources like lithium, potassium, gold, Zinc and diamond deposits. The spirit of God revealed to me that this is one of the many steps that government can take to make Nigeria better”
Efforts must be made too to invest in agriculture and encourage creativity and improvements in the home or made-in-Nigeria products”.
He also predicted the emergence of a new political party and further increment in the pump price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) otherwise known as Petrol.
I foresee there will be a new political party by the end of 2024. There is nothing the government will do as regards Petroleum products for I foresee there will still be increment in the Pump price of petrol even as there will scarcity of petroleum products in 2024,” he said.
Then, the spiritual leader dropped another bombshell: “I foresee some members of the Senate will be indicted for wrongdoings… I foresee that some Senators will be sentenced to life imprisonment!”
He also warned that the Senate President must watch his health seriously in August, September and October, adding that “he must not overdo things.”
He, however, said that President Bola Tinubu had a good intention for Nigeria.
He wants to do good things and sacrifice a lot for Nigeria. The spirit of God says there are too many forces fighting the country and if they are not dealt with frontally and solutions are not sought for the impediments then, Nigeria will be in a coma.
“I foresee President Tinubu will be deceived by his loyalists. Let us pray that external forces will not attack the Nigerian Military.”
He also predicted, among others, as follows: “I foresee that the Upper Legislative house, the Senate, will lose a prominent member and also the House of Representatives. Let us commit the current members of the Senate and the states’ Houses of Assembly into prayers against sudden death.
Let us pray not to witness the removal from office of some Honourable Speakers. I foresee that not all the Senators in the current session will finish their terms in office“.
“Let us pray to rebuke the death of a founder of a Radio or Television station in Nigeria”The spirit of God says we must pray against the death of an independent broadcaster either on radio or television.
“I foresee that the New Nigeria Peoples Party {NNPP} will fuse into APC. The spirit of God revealed to me that some Local Government Chairmen will die in Lagos State and in some other states in Nigeria.”

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