If I’m playing a role in a movie that in sacrifices and d€ath, I don’t sanctify myself before or after the movie — Nigeria Nollywood actor Kanayo Kanayo

Nollywood actor, Kanayo O Kanayo has recently expressed how he detaches from superstitious beliefs while portraying challenging roles in movies.

Kanayo O Kanayo discussed his unique perspective on embracing roles that involve daunting scenarios, such as scenes requiring him to enter a coffin.
According to him, he doesn’t go about sanctifying himself or binding unforseen spirit. Rather, he delivers his role and exits as God has given him a talent.
“God gave me a talent. When I’m playing a role in a movie that involves going into a coffin. I do not sanctify myself or start binding unseen forces. I just play my role and get out,” Kanayo O Kanayo wrote.

He made this known on his social media page while also sharing a video where he spoke in an interview, addressing the general impression the public has about him judging from his consistent fetish roles in numerous movies.
Kanayo O Kanayo however, explained that it is merely a profession that requires a through performance which in turn generates an income for them as actors, and doesn’t define who they are as humans in reality.

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